Dr. Alan Sweeney, MVB MRCVS


Unlike many pet supplement e-commerce stores, VetVIT is a small, family owned & run by U.K practising vet Dr. Alan Sweeney.

After qualifying from University College Dublin, he moved to the U.K to start his veterinary career. Here his worked developed from general practice to emergency and critical care and he has loved the variety and satisfaction his veterinary journey has provided him. 

Which has brought him to his current project. He is the vet behind VetVIT and all of their products. He has carefully researched the natural and non-prescription based ingredients that are incorporated into the products you see here; which can provide your pet with significant health benefits. 

The products on the website have been designed with your pet's health and well being in mind. Products that work, but competitive on price compared to the market leaders. 

Also, all of our articles, blogs and marketing advice are written and created by Dr. Sweeney himself. 

If you have any questions about our products and their potential benefits to your pet, then please do email us or click on the chat bubble and Alan himself will be sure to answer any questions you may have.